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    Vanity's Ultimate Shero Mod List! (Apologies for formatting)
    1. Blink - "Instant Teleport" This was one of my favorite heroes. The instant teleportation was fast, fun, it was even dominion. Jokes aside, I personally found this alternative high-paced movement option extremely fun (Mid-High Level)
    2. Demolition Man - "Trip Mines" This was really fun if you enjoyed playing the slower, campy type of game and had time to set up a ton of mines in a tight space and watch an enemy fall into your trap. It was fun in general to set them up and see what you could do with them. (Low-Mid Level)
    3. Chucky - “Voodoo Powers” Bloody knife model and the voodoo powers ability (resurrection similar to Phoenix). More knife damage and extra speed with the Knife out! (Mid-High Level)
    4. Master Chief - “SPARTAN project” - Become Master Chief - get a MJOLNIR battlesuit and MA5B Assault Rifle (P90), which does more damage. Excellent low to mid level boost for those newer players who are still getting into it and need a hero to work with for a while. (Low-Mid Level)
    5. T-800 - "I'll be back." Scariest Model I remember in the game. When I saw people with this or some female model I can’t remember, I would run away from them as fast as possible. T-800 Model and Machine Gun with additional damage. (High Level)
    6. Soldier - "Land Ops" Absolutely hilarious looking soldier model, with a higher damage, different modeled Aug. (High Level) Model can be seen here
    7. US Marine - "Amphibious Operations" My favorite M4A1 model with increased damage. Felt really good to use as the M4A1 always does. Lower Gravity. (Mid-High Level)
    8. Scream - "Ghostface Killer" Probably my favorite knife character models, more knife damage, HP regen, and the scream character model and I think increased speed as well. (Mid Level)
    9. Riddick - "Pitch Black" Lower level dual knife model option with additional damage. (Low Level)
    10. Cola Man - “Caffeine and Sugar” Huge health (700 hp) and speed (+500) increase, the first notable one after beast if I remember correctly. Really rewarding high level hero that distinguished veterans. (High Level)
    11. Darth Maul - "Sith Lord" Sith Lightsaber & Regen - Get a Sith Double Bladed Lightsaber with more damage and speed. Also regenerate HP. (Low Level - After Riddick)
    12. Clone Trooper - "Don't Move!" I’m sure you know why :) Clone Trooper model and AK with red beam that sprayed with each bullet. Mid-high level (Mid Level)
    13. Noob - "Character Created" Exploding deagle shots with a beam, good pair with Vash the Stampede if you enjoy that playstyle. (Low-Mid Level)
    14. Bass - “Uber Energy Beam” the only other beam skill I remember aside from cyclops, it was a high level, much faster beam, and higher ammo beam that was some neon blue color looked amazing and was super satisfying. (High Level)
    15. - Silver modeled XM1014 that did much more damage and had a green and yellow bullet chain wrapped around it (Was it Master Blaster?) (Mid Level) Can be seen here.
    16. Thor - "Defender of Asgard" Strike Attackers with a Mighty Lightning Bolt from Thor's uru hammer Mjolnir.Lightning Bolt proc from the God of lightning and thunder Himself on damage to an enemy. (Mid Level)
    17. Meteorix - "Ultimate Warrior" Massive blue arc lightning, high damage on power use. Extremely satisfying effect when you’re ready to go all out on an enemy. (High Level)
    18. Squall - "Gunblade" Knife from a distance, another fun alternative play style that pairs up with the different knife heroes and makes the knife playstyle more viable. (Low-Mid Level)
    19. Bazooka - "Boom" Rocket Menu, this hero was absolutely ridiculous, the big one took time to charge up and sent an absurd circle of rockets at the area you aimed at, it wasn’t very good but it was fun to randomly die to a rocket too close to your feet nonetheless. (Low Level)
    20. Catwoman - "Feline Kind" Random chance to sneak into the enemy's base. This was a good mid level option if you were having trouble killing high levels and needed the advantage of surprise. (Low Level)
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    21. Unfortunately I don’t remember this last one but it featured dual TMP’s with a crazy attack rate that had multi colored bullet beams that would linger and create a club scene anywhere you shot--similar to how stormtrooper works. The beams and the dual TMP’s might be separate but I can’t find either. (Mid-High Level)
    22. Agent Zero - "Maverick" No recoil when shooting, really nice for those who enjoy the bullet spray style which ends up happening often with all the cool weapon heroes and Punisher. Adds fluidity to the fast paced playstyle. (Low/Mid Level?)
    23. Frieza - “>9000!” Alternative to Goku/Gohan with a stronger flying disk attack instead of the kamehameha. (Mid Level)
    24. Green Arrow - "Ollie" Scout Sniper with exploding green bullets. (Alternatively can use bow and arrow model) (Low-Mid Level)
    25. Mac Daddy - "Mac Attack" Dual Mac 10s that deal extra damage (Mid-High Level)
    26. Gambit - “Molecular Acceleration” Kinetically Charged Nades. Auto refill HE grenades and more HE grenade damage, a good pair with Penguin to start off a match a little ahead. (Low Level)
    27. Rattler - “Shockwave Shield” Damage reflect proc on damage taken scaling with level (Low Level)
    28. Jaws - "You're gonna need a bigger boat." Summon Jaws from the depths of the sea to slaughter your enemies. Good alternative or companion to Penguin for tracking an enemy you can’t seem to find.(Mid Level)
    29. Kenshin - "Godspeed" Extra Knife Speed and Damage. Another multiplier for the knife spec. The knife speed makes a huge difference. (Mid Level)
    30. Uber Gunner - "Supreme Resistance" M4A1 Model and playermodel, increased damage, health, speed, armor, and lower gravity. Can’t get enough M4A1 heroes! (Mid Level)

    Obviously this is up to the developers but the state I’d like to see this server in once bugs are all sorted out is diverse to put it in one word. I think diversity amongst heroes allows for diversity amongst playstyles, and this ultimately leads to fun for all different types of players which I’m sure everyone can agree is what anybody would want. As S00K said to me, superhero mod is still Counter Strike at its core, with the added benefit of attracting many different types of gamers when the server allows for complex interactions among multiple hero types.

    This brings me to my final point with the 200+ heroes I sifted through to narrow down into this list I compiled: hero interactions. In addition to the heroes already on the server and the tentative ones to come, multiple hero choices should always feel fluid and sort of compound on one another. For people that enjoy specific play styles and others who want to be more of a jack of all trades type of player, I believe these heroes all have their place in fortifying the player’s experience depending on the combination of heroes they choose. An example of this would be something like Chucky, Scream, Cola Man, and Squall for some ranged knife assassin or Goku, Frieza, Bazooka, and Bass for the ultimate spell slinger in CS:GO. My point here is there are so many creative combinations to string together allowing for various playstyles and with the addition of models, speed, and a community to top it off, the sky is the limit for the mod. The level mapping is obviously just tentative suggestions but there was some thought of organization to them that I’m sure will be discussed down the line.

    I will be adding onto this if I come across any I forgot that I particularly loved. Feel free to ask about how I think these should be integrated amongst other heroes or about the heroes in general. Lots of tuning will be necessary obviously. I realize this is a bit of a text wall at this point but I just wanted to make a good case for the heroes on this list, and for the future of the mod. I look forward to all progress that’s made and hope this helps at least a little for sense of direction.
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    I went ahead and moved your posts into its own thread! Good stuff though, Vanity. Very impressive. I'll sift through these with Yang and Rach at some point and we'll definitely be adding some of these.
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    Sounds good! Let me know if you have any questions or want to discuss choices and stuff.
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    I am going to go ahead and compile a list of heroes that I would like to see immediately from your list and throw them down below. The below heroes will be pitched to Rachnus/Yang for porting consideration. These heroes are picks that I think would immediately benefit the server with our current pool. Please note that I am not dismissing your other suggestions and think a great majority of them will be good choices later on.

    Not only will this hero adapt a new unique play style, it will also be generally a fun pickup for players to experiment and have fun with.
    I remember a great deal of admins/moderators sacrificing OP heroes in favor of a fun knife setup that can be rewarding yet fair to lower level players at the same time. For this reason, you'll probably see a lot of knife ports if I can help it.
    Very memorable and unique hero.
    I believe we ran this hero back in 2004 under the alias "Green Beret" or something similar. All in all it was a pretty meta pick for everyone that played.
    I'd be in favor of replacing hobgoblin completely with this hero and giving it a one minute cool down to pair with Penguin.
    Great hero pickup for any kit.
    I am already in talks with Yang about porting this hero with a new modern model! Really fun hero that scouts out campers and forces some movement.

    And there you have it! I think we need to work the porting from the ground up and be careful as to what we pick and chose to be added first. I want to make sure we build a foundation before throwing power pick heroes like Cola Man into the mix.
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    Couldn't agree with you more S00K! All of your additional input is really appreciated, can't wait to see them live!
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    S00K, those same heroes you identified were the same ones I would add as well.

    I remember a dual TMP hero called Trinity (from the Matrix).

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