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    This area of the forum will be dedicated solely to the growth and possible additions to the SuperHero mod server we are running on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Below will be a list of things we are looking for from everyone and anyone who plays on said server!

    Map Requests

    We are always looking for exciting map ideas/additions. There is no set theme that the SuperHero mod so any creative maps are welcome! If you have a map in mind, we are more than happy to take a look at those requests as long as they follow these guidelines:
    • The map is spacious enough for players to zip, glide, and hook around without it being cluttered and cramped.
    • The map has two bomb sites. We want to make sure there is always a goal to keep players from wasting time. It's also interesting to see how people get bombs down in such a hectic setting that this mod provides.
    Hero Ideas/Port Requests

    If you remember particular heroes or stumble across some from the CS 1.6 days that you really like, bring them to our attention and it may be added. Additionally if you have hero ideas make sure you format your thread with the name of the hero, and his abilities. To be honest, we will most likely not add a good majority of the heroes suggested as these things take time and work. We may have the opportunity to donate a hero into the game. IE your contribution to the server will push our developers time into making your hero a reality quicker. Please take note of these conditions when requesting a port/idea to come into our server:

    • The hero isn't completely busted. We don't want COMPLETELY overpowered heroes. As cool as it sounds to add a Deathnote into the game where you type someones name in chat and they instantly die, you understand why we can't add this. Use your better judgment when requesting heroes.
    • The hero isn't disgustingly offensive. We are okay with some inappropriate humor, but don't go overboard.
    • The hero doesn't share too many similar qualities to heroes already on our server.
    And that is it. Follow the guidelines when making requests and maybe your ideas will become a reality on our servers!

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