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Discussion in 'SuperHero Mod Requests' started by S00K, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. S00K

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    Requesting some ports from the 1.6 days that I'd like to see on the server again!

    Penguin -

    Throw a heat seeking penguin that detonates once it finds it's enemy.

    This was an awesome hero Yang created that allowed users to find hiding enemies or hit those pesky flying/grappling heroes like batman and spiderman.



    Gives bonus damage against higher level enemies.

    Was a good way to give the lower level players just starting out a fighting chance at getting EXP instead of getting slaughtered.


    Arctic Predator -

    Custom three point predator crosshair above the shoulder that fired a deadly jolt of damage to anyone that crossed into it!

    This was a highly ripped hero that Yang created. Everyone wanted to take credit for it!


    Poison Ivy -

    Adds a poison effect to your bullet damage and knife damage.

    In the later levels, having extra damage is vital!


    And that is it for me at the moment. If I see all of these added, I will be very happy!
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  2. yang

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    Domino has been added.
    Penguin has been added.
    The other ones have not been ported into CS:GO yet. So we will have to wait ;)

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