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    Hi there, I am the original biggest nurd of them all. Galore community was founded in 2004 by me and Fredelicious. He is fortunately.... I mean unfortunately no longer with us... No he is not dead, just have a family now and very busy. I on other hand have way too much time on my hand... so one day when sook came to me and asked if i wanted to reboot galore i said sure!! let us do it :> and we did... Then he wanted to create galoregaming.... so now it's galoregaming... so technically he is the 1st owner of galoregaming... then we started a teamspeak server... that was that... but we didn't have any servers :( and that made me and sook very sad... we complained every day to each other and we said "man we really should get a server up..." and sometimes more specific "man we really should get a superhero csgo server up..." ... but yet sadly nothing happened :( and we stayed very sad .... in fact, was so sad that we decided not to talk about it for a while.... but hey.... we still had a teamspeak and a website... after all, who needs servers... a community of ppl on teamspeak is just as good.

    Moving forward.... (many complaints later from both of us).... months later... CS:GO became a very trolley game... Once again me and s00k complained... we were like "man csgo really sucks dick".... and neither one of us wanted to play it.... but for some god forsaken reason.... Yang still had $6k worth of csgo item inventory..... and he said to himself "man.... csgo is so fucking lame, i'm selling all my shit..." and sook was like "yeah dude just fucking do it, that game's fucking lame".... so I went to the nearest pawn shop and sold all my cringe worthy godlike items such as factory new dragon lore, howl... glock fade.... ruby karamit ..... (tears incoming from missing hording csgo items).... but hey!!! Look Yang got extra $4k of cash!!?!?! What to do now??? More excuses of not having servers?!?!?! WHAT?!?! NO!!!!! So Yang went to the nearest McDonald's and bought 2 $1 cheeseburger with extra onion and drove to the nearest computer shop and bought himself a Dual Xeon Server Box.... Went home.. tried to install.... CPU #2 didn't show... Yang cried for a few hours... wept like a baby going to bed.... woke up next day feeling more determined.... went out and bought a new powersupplier (-another $100) ... poped it in.... HELD MY BREATH PRESSED THE ON BUTTON... .... wait.... wait... wait... BOOM!!!!! IT STARTED!!! WOOT DUAL XEON SERVER BOOTED UP!!! Now we have many many servers that we hope many many of you will join us and become part of the great community... and DONATE BACK TO YANG SO HE CAN RECOUP HIS SERVER BOX MONEY... thanks my fellow galore gamers..... I don't mean u have to donate... but you know... developers and server host ppl have to eat too.... even if its $2 it's still $2. u know what I mean? but seriously I hope you all enjoy being in galore and if you need anything just talk to me in teamspeak... I'm always in there... like seriously... always... if for some magical reason like rarity such as seeing a unicorn where I am not available or afk, just double click my name in teamspeak and leave me a message... eventually I'll get back to you... or not... HAHAHA just kidding... I will :p
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    haha wtf this post gave me cancer and made me laugh at the same time. +1 Internets for you, sir.
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    +1 Cancer DPS
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    im not reading all this sorry :/
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    HOLY SHIT MAN YOU'RE BACK?! you probably dont remember me, but me and a friend (Florian and Kevin) from sweden used to play and talk with u and freddy every day gaming on your servers haha oh the memories. You were trying to teach us how to code our own superheroes and stuff ^^
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    lol that's hilarious. You should hop onto our teamspeak @ ts.galoregaming.com

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