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    So I played a few hours today and have some feedback for a few heroes. This is coming from somebody with limited experience with CS:GO compared to 1.6 and I don't know if the physics have changed much with the updated version - making it difficult to get the heroes similar to the old stats.

    • Penguin: Doesn't always work - I would throw it and it more often than not just explodes like a normal nade. Damage may be too high if it always works though.
    • Superman: Gravity seems a bit too low (fall too slowly)
    • Flash: Speed is too fast (especially if Beast should be an upgrade)
    • Cyclops: Damage feels too low for a level 5 hero. Maybe up to 30 per shot. Any way to see the beam without moving to the side?
    • Yoda: Push is REALLY fast. Feels good to use but the speed should be reduced slightly
    • Spiderman: Doesn't pull very much and is difficult to move around the map with. I don't remember how easy it was in 1.6 but with Batgirl being level 3 it's not a big issue.
    I can take multiple heroes of a level. Example being at level 5 I can take multiple level 5 heroes instead of being limited to just 1.

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