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    Do you feel you have been unfairly banned?
    Do you feel you are ready for a second chance?

    In this category, you can appeal for an un-ban on a server. When appealing, please follow the template below so we can analyze your situation and come to a decision on whether to unban you or keep you banned.

    If you have advertised or hacked in the past, you will remain banned as we see this as blatant disrespect to our community.

    Please answer the following statements when making a ban appeal:
    • In-game username:
    • Server you received the ban on:
    • The staff member who banned you (If you know):
    • The reason for your ban:
    • What happened / Your defence:
    • Did you actually break the rule / are you asking for a second chance?

    You should receive a response from our staff team regarding your ban appeal 1-2 days after you post it, if not earlier. Thanks.

Thread Status:
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